My current bag lust

Lately I’ve been having a lust for luxury handbags, this season is full of amazing totes, shoulder bags and evening bags. I blame my handbags addiction to my friend Uti who introduced me to the luxurious world of beautiful handbags.

I used to be a shoe girl, i don’t really mind spending $$$ for a pair of shoes as long as I like them and they’re comfortable for my feet. I blame my feet for my shoes addiction. I have small and bony feet and some cheap shoes are just a killer for my feet, is it the hard leather or the craftsmanship i don’t know but they’re not made for my feet at all. I also have a low pain tolerance. If it’s painful and give blisters then i rather not wear them cos the pain for me just not on the foot but it goes up to hips and head. I know some girls can tolerate pain as long they look gorgeous but i’m just not one of them girls.

Well with handbags, there are no excuses like pain or comfort. Why girls spending thousands of $$$ for a handbag? quality, individuality, authenticity, cos no one else have it, show off??? I have no idea, every girl has their own reason. Mine is beauty. The beauty of a design, originality, art… yes I think it’s like art. We all know beauty is subjective and I think my handbags declare my style. You can make a statement by just carrying a handbag (they call it a statement bag). I don’t really care if people like/dislike my handbags or the outfit i’m wearing because it’s  not for people to admire but it’s for myself. A fab handbag makes me feel lux!

Chloe Marlow Tote

Chloe Marlow Tote

I love this bag cos of the shape and the colour, I saw it first in  Selfridges London, also available from the handle is just perfect for the wrist. Definitely on the top of my wish list.

Miu Miu Velvet Bow Clutch

Miu Miu Velvet Bow Clutch

What else can i say, it’s velvet, it has bow, the bag version of the shoes!

Chloe Tassel Detail Bag

Chloe Tassel Detail Bag

The colour combination is just gorgeous and the chain detail is edgy!

Lanvin Happy Mini pop satin bag

Lanvin Happy Mini pop satin bag

Satin! oh and the velvet strap is just amazing, the colour also striking! in Love!

Christmas is in 3 months 😛 hahaha

Our new apartment hot hot hot!

We have moved to a new apartment this week located in Central Milton Keynes. The location is great with Sainsbury’s  supermarket next to it and restaurants and bars just across the road. MK shopping mall is just 5 minutes walk and Borders is just around the corner.

It’s a 1 bedroom fully furnished apartment with a big balcony and nice view of Milton Keynes. Our apartment is called Jade House and has a rooftop garden, beautiful and well maintained.

Rooftop garden

The style of the apartment is an open plan. Bedroom is spacious with build in wardrobe (not big enough for my liking but ok).


The kitchen is what I like the most, it’s open plan with a nice design. lots of space for cooking. Dish washer, washing machine and dryer included.


The living room is comfortable with 3 seated and 2 seated sofas, flat screen TV and internet included. What i don’t like is the sofas are leather! i don’t like the feeling of leather sofa on my skin!

Living room

I’m happy that we found the apartment, such a relief after 2 months of uncertainty.

Hotel, apartment, house?? I’m a gypsy

We have moved to Milton Keynes last week, where Ryan got a job to work for British Foreign Commonwealth Office (so secretive! the site is in the middle of country roads and farms, highly secured just like espionage :P), just 1 hour outside London. Last week we stayed in a budget hotel called Days Inn, I think the name explained enough. It was off the motorway, far from the central and the customer service was awful but at least it was clean and tidy and for the price we paid we could not expect more.
After spending the weekend in Leeds, we had to find accommodation for this week and found a 2 storey 1 bedroom flat in the central area. It’s fully furnished and has a private garden, free wi-fi included with LCD TV, DVD player and 5.1 surrounds system.The place is nice, simple and comfortable but all the furniture and bits of pieces come from IKEA!! it makes you feel like you’re in the IKEA display store.

MK bedroom

MK kitchen

MK lounge

We rent the place for a week while we’re looking for few months period. Well who knows where we’re staying next…. yess i’m a gypsy, a woman with no place to live, or maybe i’m a rock star ? 🙂

Milton Keynes itself is a weird place. The city is fairly new. The best way to describe it is like the Sim City game. Everything falls to the right squares. Shopping mall, recreation centre, train station, library, apartments, restaurants, health centre all in one place. It’s not like England at all. It’s nice but not cultural, no history, no madness. It’s clean and tidy, just like the living room of the Stepford wives. I’m not sure if I like it at all. I never like nice and Milton Keynes is nice.

Cheetah & Jaguar, beautiful cats from two different continents

Last weekend, Ryan surprised me, he said we had to get up early but he would not tell me where we were going. I asked him can I wear a dress cause it was such a beautiful day, and he said yes but wear flat shoes, hmm i thought It must involve a lot of walking. It was a long drive from Cumbria, i felt like we never got there, well if you don’t know where you’re going i guess that’s how you feel.

After a few hours drive, I saw a sign Chester Zoo , yaaay we were going to a zoo!!! He told me it’s a famous zoo in the UK.

It was a sunday, so could expect lots of kids aaarrrggg too many!! but i was excited to see these new cheetah, awww they are gorgeous with long legs and linean body built for speed. It’s well known as a sprinter and can run at speeds up to 70 mph or 113 km/h. Cheetah also does not roar but purr instead. I just love them to bits as they’re so adorable with its beautiful face and coat. Below are some pictures we took at the zoo.


a young cheetah

a young cheetah

Chester zoo has a jaguar conservation area which quite big and 3 jaguars live there. Jaguar is very shy cat, in its habitat in Rainforest in South America it’s actually very hard to spot them. The build is much sturdier and larger than its cousin leopard (found in Africa) and it’s the thrid biggest cat after Lion and Tiger. They’re also adorable with its beautiful coat.


Chill out

Chill out

scratching time

scratching time

Can you tell the difference between jaguar and cheetah? Other than build, the two cats have different spot, cheetah does not have rosettes spots like jaguar.

Both cats population is declining due to competition for food with humans e.g. farmers, deforestation (jaguar), genetic defects (cheetah), decline of habitat which make these cats looking for food in the farming area and kill cattle, as a result they would get killed by humans. A lot of conservation program e.g. try to manage this problem and educate people not to shot these cats, but to call them for help. They will relocate the cats to a new area where food is available.

For the foodies

England is best known for pubs. The English don’t only go to the pubs for drinks but also for food.

In Ryan’s little country town in Cumbria, there are two pubs that are owned by his mom and his step dad, The Royal Yew (we’re staying in a cottage next to the pub) and The Bitter End. Both are well known for their home made food made from the local produce and the hand cut chips freshly made on the pub (not from frozen like the other pubs). Both pubs are the locals’ favourites and also destination for tourists (they’re mentioned in lonely planet and Cumbria tourism guide).

Bitter End

Bitter End

One of the specialities of Cumbria is Cumberland sausage and both pubs are well known for it (warning contains pork).

A couple of my favourite dishes are the crispy duck spring rolls as a starter from The Bitter End and the roasted pepper lasagna from The Royal Yew. The beef burger also very nice and if you’re a big meat eater then I would suggest the steaks or the ham hock. Both pubs also have weekly night specials, e.g. poached pear topped with melted Stilton cheese served with cranberry sauce as shown on the picture below.

duck spring rolls and poached pears

duck spring rolls and poached pears

Roasted Ham Hock with Mustard Mash

Roasted Ham Hock with Mustard Mash

If your stomach is still open for dessert then you have to try the traditional English Banoffee Pie, a pastry based dessert made from banana, cream, and condensed milk or you can also opt for the super yummy sticky date pudding.

Banoffee pie

Banoffee pie

Both pubs have extensive international beer range and imported wines.

(if any of you fasting, my apology if these pictures make you hungry :-))

A handbag or another pair of shoes?? decision decision!

Am i a shoes addict or even becoming a handbags addict? i don’t know. I think my addiction changes every year.

Last year I was a dress and bikini addict, I bought so many pretty dresses and bikinis mainly from my favourite OZ brand Zimmermann now i ended up with so many which so difficult to actually find the time and event to wear them! When you live in Melbourne, the chance of wearing a bikini is 1:175 days.

Well now I have a dilemma, since i got here i realise that all my handbags are quite big and not practical for travelling, so i went on a mission a few weeks ago to find a messenger bag that still look pretty and can be worn casual or glam. I found this LV bag louisvuitton-damier eva-clutchYou can wear it like a postman bag or as a shoulder bag which  what i was looking for. It’s still big enough to fit my purse, mobile etc, and i like the fact that even when you wear it as a postman bag, the gold chain detail that hanging on the side is very pretty.

I love pretty shoes!!! i think that’s explain how i have a weakness for pretty shoes.

I saw this pair of Miu Miu banana flats in Navy in Miu Miu store in Westfield London (Nice shopping mall!, .. worth a visit), but they dont have my size. It’s so pretty it made me feel so happy by just looking at it and the velvet is just so soft. This morning I checked it in Net-a-porter, and they have size 36! ooooh the checkout tab was just on the tip of my finger but i had to discuss it first with my lovely fianceé because i have promised myself that our relationship is based on honesty [no more hiding shopping bags in the car for days and sneaked them to the bedroom or saying that it’s a present from my good friend (…) hahaha]. First answer was a NO cos apparently i already have so many (and also i just bought 3 pairs in the last 2 months, well 2 pairs were on sale! i mean when else you could get a costume national boots reduced from AUD1200 to AUD400?!!). After a discussion, yess i called it a discussion he might call it sulking, he said you could buy the shoes but you won’t buy anymore for a long time err long time can be relative right?? anyway, i asked bravely can i still buy the LV bag?? (finger crossed) and yaay it’s a yes but i have to chose! aaagh i never win with him but that’s why i love him so much :-), so buy the shoes now and the handbag later (no specific time) can be 2-3 months or even a month who knows, or ditch the shoes and get the handbag now? Help!!!

Miu Miu Velvet

District 9, thumbs up or down?

We went to see district 9 two nights ago in the local cinema, YES local meaning small town cinema and only cost £5, but has good enough sound system and wide enough screen.

This movie is presented by Peter Jackson and based on Canadian based South African filmmaker Neill Blomkamp’s short film ALIVE IN JOBURG, which you can see freely on the net. I haven’t seen the short film yet, but before we went to see it there was a coverage in BBC news about this movie showing the slums in South Africa which was the set of this movie. The movie is about the racism, immigration, violence and power in South Africa and it uses the aliens to represents the racism which in the movie were referred as ” prawns”.

The movie was shot in a documentary way which i like so much and the special effect is also good but honestly it was so gross that it made me sick throughout the movie. It has the typical mess of ghastly liquid and images.

I think this movie is great because it relates to humanity issue and using the alien as a metaphor is very smart.

Bloger Idea

My first blog, err nope that’s incorrect! my second blog, my first one was stranded long time ago and it only had 3 posts! so hopefully this one have longer lifeline 🙂

This blog is the idea of my good friend alind, she suggested me to have a travel blog, so all my friends can read about me conquering the world haha! well i guess since the travelling bit is a tiny bit slow at the moment, i will write just about anything in here.

Well do you guys have any suggestion what shoud i write about????

Hello world!

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