Bloger Idea

My first blog, err nope that’s incorrect! my second blog, my first one was stranded long time ago and it only had 3 posts! so hopefully this one have longer lifeline 🙂

This blog is the idea of my good friend alind, she suggested me to have a travel blog, so all my friends can read about me conquering the world haha! well i guess since the travelling bit is a tiny bit slow at the moment, i will write just about anything in here.

Well do you guys have any suggestion what shoud i write about????


6 Responses

  1. Travel (thoughts, pictures, places to go etc)
    Inspiring objects (Hand bags, clothes etc) 😉
    Shopping (where you’ve been, where you want to go)
    Random thoughts (covering all subjects)
    Fashion (Things you’ve seen, want or tips etc)
    Audi’s 🙂
    Sheep, Cows and other livestock?

    OK I’ll admit I’m running out of ideas now but blog about anything and everything my little blogger!


  2. Yippiee… look forward to read about all of the interesting/weird/beautiful places in.. everywhere you are..!! , fashion…(photos of cute or quirky dresses/shoes/bags/accessories.. and food review + pictures please.. hehe.. :):)


  3. Thanks guys for the suggestions! xxx

  4. I’m dying to see pics of a “small town” =P

    I like Ryan’s and Alin’s idea, let us know where the good places to eat/shop/daydream/visit is so that WHEN we do go there, we’ll know where to go!!

    Btw, have I told you how jealous I am of you right now?! 😉

  5. Alin’s + Ryan’s ideas + Lotsss of pictures pleaseeeee…:)

  6. Food needs to be included too!! N lots of pics

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