District 9, thumbs up or down?

We went to see district 9 two nights ago in the local cinema, YES local meaning small town cinema and only cost £5, but has good enough sound system and wide enough screen.

This movie is presented by Peter Jackson and based on Canadian based South African filmmaker Neill Blomkamp’s short film ALIVE IN JOBURG, which you can see freely on the net. I haven’t seen the short film yet, but before we went to see it there was a coverage in BBC news about this movie showing the slums in South Africa which was the set of this movie. The movie is about the racism, immigration, violence and power in South Africa and it uses the aliens to represents the racism which in the movie were referred as ” prawns”.

The movie was shot in a documentary way which i like so much and the special effect is also good but honestly it was so gross that it made me sick throughout the movie. It has the typical mess of ghastly liquid and images.

I think this movie is great because it relates to humanity issue and using the alien as a metaphor is very smart.

2 Responses

  1. I HATED this movie!! It made me so sick that I had to leave about 30 minutes into it! The camera technique seems a bit amateur (yes yes I know, its supposed to be ‘documentary’ style) but seriously is nauseating! All in all, I want my money back!! =P

  2. i know Dee, i covered my eyes on most of the disgusting scenes!

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