A handbag or another pair of shoes?? decision decision!

Am i a shoes addict or even becoming a handbags addict? i don’t know. I think my addiction changes every year.

Last year I was a dress and bikini addict, I bought so many pretty dresses and bikinis mainly from my favourite OZ brand Zimmermann http://www.zimmermannwear.com/ now i ended up with so many which so difficult to actually find the time and event to wear them! When you live in Melbourne, the chance of wearing a bikini is 1:175 days.

Well now I have a dilemma, since i got here i realise that all my handbags are quite big and not practical for travelling, so i went on a mission a few weeks ago to find a messenger bag that still look pretty and can be worn casual or glam. I found this LV bag louisvuitton-damier eva-clutchYou can wear it like a postman bag or as a shoulder bag which  what i was looking for. It’s still big enough to fit my purse, mobile etc, and i like the fact that even when you wear it as a postman bag, the gold chain detail that hanging on the side is very pretty.

I love pretty shoes!!! i think that’s explain how i have a weakness for pretty shoes.

I saw this pair of Miu Miu banana flats in Navy in Miu Miu store in Westfield London (Nice shopping mall!, http://uk.westfield.com/london/ .. worth a visit), but they dont have my size. It’s so pretty it made me feel so happy by just looking at it and the velvet is just so soft. This morning I checked it in Net-a-porter, http://www.net-a-porter.com/ and they have size 36! ooooh the checkout tab was just on the tip of my finger but i had to discuss it first with my lovely fianceé because i have promised myself that our relationship is based on honesty [no more hiding shopping bags in the car for days and sneaked them to the bedroom or saying that it’s a present from my good friend (…) hahaha]. First answer was a NO cos apparently i already have so many (and also i just bought 3 pairs in the last 2 months, well 2 pairs were on sale! i mean when else you could get a costume national boots reduced from AUD1200 to AUD400?!!). After a discussion, yess i called it a discussion he might call it sulking, he said you could buy the shoes but you won’t buy anymore for a long time err long time can be relative right?? anyway, i asked bravely can i still buy the LV bag?? (finger crossed) and yaay it’s a yes but i have to chose! aaagh i never win with him but that’s why i love him so much :-), so buy the shoes now and the handbag later (no specific time) can be 2-3 months or even a month who knows, or ditch the shoes and get the handbag now? Help!!!

Miu Miu Velvet

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  1. hi babe, I suggest to take lv back instead miu2 shoes, u can get many shoes like that later on. didn’t u buy flat shoes from tods did u? so why u buy similar flat and I believe u have a banana shoes before, did u bring your green chloe shoes? so take LV you won’t get any change later, expecially this type.

  2. one more, miu2 always produces a banana shoes every season. so don’t be worry, in the future perhaps you’ll get one prettiest & unique than this

  3. She is black & beautiful mii..

  4. Fen, you’re probably right about Miu Miu always produces banana flats every season but I just love the velvet and huge bow details in this pair.

  5. mi, otherwise you buy lv bag from your pocket and miu2’s shoes you ask ur mom or sister to buy it as an advance birthday present 😀 or the other around hehehehhehhehe (not good suggeston yah). anyway are branded stuff in uk cheaper than oz? infor 4 u, chadstond will open some brands store such as miu2, coach, gucci, chanel, burberry, tifany, and many more.

  6. hahah good idea!
    Yup branded stuff are cheaper here and also the the clothes are cheaper like top shop etc you can get something from top shop for ₤20 ($40) for exactly the same thing in oz for $80.
    wow first miu miu shop in melbourne and they open it chaddy?

  7. The bag dong miiiiiii… :):)

  8. Heyy,
    Go for the bag def its more precious than shoe,
    btw I am jealous that brands are cheap there ):

  9. ohh btw its very rainy in melbourne right now in case ur curious (:::

  10. Hiii Miiii…..Sorry for the late reply!! HHHmmm…this is a TOUGH question since i’m both a shoes and bag lover…but in this instance, I’d probably go for the bag, (btw, I might be a bit biased here since that is the same bag that I want, though I’d prefer the monogram canvas, i’ve checked collins st and its about $500 in oz, how bout in the uk?)

    The bag is so versatile you can probably wear it with just about anything! and the thing is, it will never go out of style!! Thats what you have to be thinking miii…shoes come and go…but bags like that are so classic that it will never go out of style! Are you sold yet?! =P

    PS. I like Fenny’s idea. You buy the bag, ur sis/mum/ryan *hint hint* buy the shoes!! hahaha…

    Oh BTW, I just had another car accident this morning =S am OK though…just peeved that I have to waste money on something like this, and what further sucks, it turned out that my insurance has expired =(…sigh…bye bye Chanel Bag…Looks like I wont be seeing you anytime soon… >.<

  11. Dee i hope you ok!! how did it happen? i know how it feels, such a waste but it happens maybe chanel nya next year??

    I got the bag yesterday!! 🙂 We were in Westfield White City and we went passed LV store then Ryan asked do you want to have a look (I thought he just want to have a look, cause he hadn’t seen it yet), then i showed it to him and he said get it! waaaa so happy!

    Awwh but i wanted to slap the salesperson in LV, so bitchy no smile nothing and as if we were wasting his time!

  12. AWESOME!! Good for you…you made the right choice! =)

    Yeah, we went into the same lane together and I didn’t see her car so we kinda side swiped each other…sigh…yeah I guess the bag shall wait until next year…double sigh…

    Is the bag cheaper in the UK Mi?? I bet burberry is way cheap there ya? since its from London..whuuuaaa me want!!

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