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England is best known for pubs. The English don’t only go to the pubs for drinks but also for food.

In Ryan’s little country town in Cumbria, there are two pubs that are owned by his mom and his step dad, The Royal Yew (we’re staying in a cottage next to the pub) and The Bitter End. Both are well known for their home made food made from the local produce and the hand cut chips freshly made on the pub (not from frozen like the other pubs). Both pubs are the locals’ favourites and also destination for tourists (they’re mentioned in lonely planet and Cumbria tourism guide).

Bitter End

Bitter End

One of the specialities of Cumbria is Cumberland sausage and both pubs are well known for it (warning contains pork).

A couple of my favourite dishes are the crispy duck spring rolls as a starter from The Bitter End and the roasted pepper lasagna from The Royal Yew. The beef burger also very nice and if you’re a big meat eater then I would suggest the steaks or the ham hock. Both pubs also have weekly night specials, e.g. poached pear topped with melted Stilton cheese served with cranberry sauce as shown on the picture below.

duck spring rolls and poached pears

duck spring rolls and poached pears

Roasted Ham Hock with Mustard Mash

Roasted Ham Hock with Mustard Mash

If your stomach is still open for dessert then you have to try the traditional English Banoffee Pie, a pastry based dessert made from banana, cream, and condensed milk or you can also opt for the super yummy sticky date pudding.

Banoffee pie

Banoffee pie

Both pubs have extensive international beer range and imported wines.

(if any of you fasting, my apology if these pictures make you hungry :-))

5 Responses

  1. Loving the pics miii…the pub looks awesome! two thumbs up! Cant wait to visit you one of these days =)

  2. The food looks soooo good!! Duck springrolls sounds nice. Also banana cake thingy sounds interesting. Do they cook themselve or they have a chef?? Do you have to pay? *wink*

    More food blog pls.. whatabout if you also post your homecook meal?

  3. Luv ur Blogggggggggggg, the pictures makes me hungryyyyy yummmmmmmmm especially the yummy Banoffee pie.

  4. Yummmyy… I love Bannoffie pie.. too much of it would make you “bleneg” though.. :p
    tii.. di jakarta ada yang bikin Bannoffie pie enakk.. a British-Indian Lady gitu..rumahnya di Cilandak.. hehe.. 🙂

    Btw Mi.. does fish & chips there taste better than the ones in Oz?

  5. yummy yummy yummy! I think the food sold in supermarket here is much yummier than Australia, more options, i just had pasta salad with chicken for lunch and mango passionfruit smoothie pudding from Marks & Spencer (M&S) for lunch. The fish & chips is nicer in Australia Lin, well that what i think cos Ry thinks otherwise!
    Ma, they have a chefs, Ry’s mom used to cook but not anymore dan “Gratis” dong. hahahah
    I cooked ayam goreng mentega a couple days ago yummy but tough maybe because i used chicken breast fillet instead of thigh.

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