Cheetah & Jaguar, beautiful cats from two different continents

Last weekend, Ryan surprised me, he said we had to get up early but he would not tell me where we were going. I asked him can I wear a dress cause it was such a beautiful day, and he said yes but wear flat shoes, hmm i thought It must involve a lot of walking. It was a long drive from Cumbria, i felt like we never got there, well if you don’t know where you’re going i guess that’s how you feel.

After a few hours drive, I saw a sign Chester Zoo , yaaay we were going to a zoo!!! He told me it’s a famous zoo in the UK.

It was a sunday, so could expect lots of kids aaarrrggg too many!! but i was excited to see these new cheetah, awww they are gorgeous with long legs and linean body built for speed. It’s well known as a sprinter and can run at speeds up to 70 mph or 113 km/h. Cheetah also does not roar but purr instead. I just love them to bits as they’re so adorable with its beautiful face and coat. Below are some pictures we took at the zoo.


a young cheetah

a young cheetah

Chester zoo has a jaguar conservation area which quite big and 3 jaguars live there. Jaguar is very shy cat, in its habitat in Rainforest in South America it’s actually very hard to spot them. The build is much sturdier and larger than its cousin leopard (found in Africa) and it’s the thrid biggest cat after Lion and Tiger. They’re also adorable with its beautiful coat.


Chill out

Chill out

scratching time

scratching time

Can you tell the difference between jaguar and cheetah? Other than build, the two cats have different spot, cheetah does not have rosettes spots like jaguar.

Both cats population is declining due to competition for food with humans e.g. farmers, deforestation (jaguar), genetic defects (cheetah), decline of habitat which make these cats looking for food in the farming area and kill cattle, as a result they would get killed by humans. A lot of conservation program e.g. try to manage this problem and educate people not to shot these cats, but to call them for help. They will relocate the cats to a new area where food is available.

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