My current bag lust

Lately I’ve been having a lust for luxury handbags, this season is full of amazing totes, shoulder bags and evening bags. I blame my handbags addiction to my friend Uti who introduced me to the luxurious world of beautiful handbags.

I used to be a shoe girl, i don’t really mind spending $$$ for a pair of shoes as long as I like them and they’re comfortable for my feet. I blame my feet for my shoes addiction. I have small and bony feet and some cheap shoes are just a killer for my feet, is it the hard leather or the craftsmanship i don’t know but they’re not made for my feet at all. I also have a low pain tolerance. If it’s painful and give blisters then i rather not wear them cos the pain for me just not on the foot but it goes up to hips and head. I know some girls can tolerate pain as long they look gorgeous but i’m just not one of them girls.

Well with handbags, there are no excuses like pain or comfort. Why girls spending thousands of $$$ for a handbag? quality, individuality, authenticity, cos no one else have it, show off??? I have no idea, every girl has their own reason. Mine is beauty. The beauty of a design, originality, art… yes I think it’s like art. We all know beauty is subjective and I think my handbags declare my style. You can make a statement by just carrying a handbag (they call it a statement bag). I don’t really care if people like/dislike my handbags or the outfit i’m wearing because it’s  not for people to admire but it’s for myself. A fab handbag makes me feel lux!

Chloe Marlow Tote

Chloe Marlow Tote

I love this bag cos of the shape and the colour, I saw it first in  Selfridges London, also available from the handle is just perfect for the wrist. Definitely on the top of my wish list.

Miu Miu Velvet Bow Clutch

Miu Miu Velvet Bow Clutch

What else can i say, it’s velvet, it has bow, the bag version of the shoes!

Chloe Tassel Detail Bag

Chloe Tassel Detail Bag

The colour combination is just gorgeous and the chain detail is edgy!

Lanvin Happy Mini pop satin bag

Lanvin Happy Mini pop satin bag

Satin! oh and the velvet strap is just amazing, the colour also striking! in Love!

Christmas is in 3 months 😛 hahaha

3 Responses

  1. Uti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well if you pray hard enough…I might be wearing miumiu this summer :p

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