Goodbye My dear friend..

Yesterday I said goodbye to my dear friend Arief Said. He just came back from a trip around Europe and visited me in UK. He went with this crazy tour to lots of countries in Europe in 4 weeks by bus. I can’t tell you exactly how many he visited but it was lots. He flew into London from Melbourne on the 1st October and stayed with us for 3 nights. Then he went off with his tour and came back on monday night. So I went to London yesterday to see him.

It was a wet day, very heavy rain when I came out from our apartment. Lucky I wore my trench coat (investment buy!). The umbrella I had with me didn’t do the job at all. It was windy to, so my cheap umbrella turned inside out and I was trying to fix it while I was getting wet. I thought, damn I just did my hair this morning so I would not risk to get all wet when my trip just started! I stopped by at the supermarket and looked for a new umbrella. Sainsbury is so huge, when you were in a hurry it was not that easy to find an umbrella section. After a good 10 minutes looking I finally found it but then, there were so many to choose from. Big ones, thin ones, fat ones, expensive ones, cheap ones whoa, i just needed one that would survive the bad weather. So I chose a medium size, medium price black one. I went to the self check out register and the signing pad didn’t work, God what a bad start for  a day! Finally it would let me pay and I glanced on my watch, great I missed my train. So I went on walking on the heavy rain and my umbrella survived. My trench coat protected me from the rain, but my hair was a bit wet. I just needed to sit down for a little bit. I grabbed an apple from my bag and started munching. An old man gave me a smile, i thought that’s very nice. I felt better already and head of to the platform. It took 1/2 hour in the train and when I got to London the rain had stopped. I took a tube to Oxford Circus and wander in the shops while waiting for Arief. We met and were starving so we went to soho to get some asian food which I had been craving for weeks! The restaurant was malaysian / indo influenced but the owner was malay-chinese. I ordered Meehoon goreng istimewa (Wok fried rice vermicelli) served with satay, fried egg and rendang. Arief told me about his trip which sound amazing and overwhelming. He spent approximately a day in 1 city and then continued to the next one. He said all of the cities he visited were wonderful and I couldn’t agree more from the pictures he’d shown me.

After late lunch, Arief told me he had not have his coffee yet, and he’s a coffee addict so we went to Bea’s of Bloomsbury which serves divine coffee. We talked more while we had our drinks, about everything mainly and it was nice. I’m so glad he did the trip. He told me he got me present (yaay) so we went back to his hostel to get them. Firstly, he gave a box of chocolates (yummy) and then he gave me a mask!!! which he got from Venice, aah I was jumping around with excitement, it’s a great present.

Venice Mask

The Gift

The mask was beautifully handmade and I just love it! We talked more about travelling and how it changes people life. It was so great to see him in UK, it created a different experience somehow.

I’ve known Arief since high school and we were in the same class for 3 consecutive years. In high school we were close but we had different friends and different activities. Since high school, I always knew my next study would be in Australia as planned by my parents. So when I found out that Arief was also going to Melbourne for tertiary study, I was excited to have a friend in Melbourne that I already knew. He took care of me when I got to melbourne. He introduced me to all his friends and asked me hang out with them (I actually didn’t get along with them). He also the one who introduced me to one of my ex-boyfriend. I used to hang out at Arief place when I got nothing to do and he used to make me lunch. Most of the time he’s often disgusted with some of my behavior but i know he actually love me (haha). We have always been bestfriend but we don’t necessarily hang out together. He knows everything about my life and my love life and vice-versa.

It was time for me to go and we said goodbye, I wish him good luck for the future ahead of him and I’m sure I will see him again soon.


Me & Arief in London

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  1. mi your story about arief is so sweet, (arief jangan gr lo)

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