I start baking again

I always love baking and started since I was a 12. I think I got the baking gene from my late grandma from my dad side. She was such a great cook. Her cooking was influenced by chinese/manadonese/dutch and always authentic and individual. I never taste her cooking anywhere else. She passed away when I was only 11. I certainly don’t get my cooking gene from my mom. She hates cooking and usually stress out in the kitchen. I don’t blame her. She is a business woman so she hardly found the time to cook when I was growing up. After school I usually tried the recipes from the Indonesian women magazine, Femina. Some of them successful and some of the failed but my sensory team always ate them, well maybe because they are my dad’s employees, hehehe.

In Australia, I hardly cooked/baked because it’s hard to find the free time. However, I still baked for special occasions. I love baking mostly because it does not involve chopping and raw meat. I also love the smell of fresh-baked goods in my house.However, now I have extent my skill to cooking and not just baking.

Well, since I have moved to England, I have a lot of free time, yeah still haven’t got a job :-(. So I start baking again. the first few months I was here, I just cooked basic dishes for Ryan like lamb chops, stir fried etc, but then I got really bored. I want to cook dishes I love and more challenging like Char Kuey Teow, Nasi Goreng, Egg Balado, Banana Bread, Muffins, Cupcakes, Carrot Cake, Ice Creams, Sate Ayam, etc. This week I bought all the appliances I need, such as hand mixer, food processor, wok, muffins tray, cake loaf tin and rice cooker. I can’t wait to cook/bake again. I found this fabulous website http://rasamalaysia.com/She has a lot of delicious recipes, very authentic and great food photographer. Also, I found a great vegetarian cook book, Complete Vegetarian. I always find it hard to cook vegetables deliciously, and this cook book has so many varieties on vegetarian dishes from breakfast to dessert. One of our friends got it and it turned out to be a rare cook book. But I found it second hand in Amazon and I got it today. So I can’t wait to try them recipes.

I guess Ryan is going to gain a bit of weight hehehe.

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