How we spent a sunday in a cold weather… suitcase hunt

Yesterday we went to London to look for a suitcase. I’m going abroad on Sunday to Jakarta, Indonesia to visit my grandma. Before yesterday, I’ve been eying on Mandarina Duck Suitcases. I took Ryan to check them out. Ryan thought, the duck was not good in terms of functionality.  I gave up so i let him choose. I always look for design and colour first, then functionality. Well Ryan is the opposite, he looks for functionality first so he started to weigh every suitcase, open it, check it… it took hours. After checking 3 department stores, Selfridges, Debenhams and House of Frasier, we found the perfect one at Selfridges. It claims to be the lightest and strongest with patent technology. It’s a huge 85cm suitcase by Samsonite and admittedly very light as it’s claimed to be. The material is made with “Curv®” technology It’s not cheap but Ryan said it’s worthed since it has 10 years international warranty. By the time we bought the suitcase I was so tired and needed a glass of wine. We were at Selfridges so we went to the champagne bar and I tried a delicious Green Apple Bellini. It was a great drink to end the day. Well, I’m not going to look for a suitcase for a while now, it’s just so exhausting.

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