Dr. Joshi Detox day 1 and 2

I have changed my lifestyle starting a month ago . It started with bikram yoga and then gym and now i’m starting a detox program by Dr. Joshi. It’s based on the book titled Joshi’s Holistic Detox 21 days to a healthier slimmer you – for life.


The detox is basically putting food into groups based on its alkaline or acidic state. You try to eliminate the acidic food and increase the alkaline food in your diet to put your body in the alkaline state.

Top ten dr Joshi detox rules are:

  1. No red meat
  2. No dairy produce
  3. No fruit – except bananas
  4. No wheat, gluten, yeast
  5. No alcohol
  6. No biscuits, cakes, doughnuts
  7. No jams, spreads – except honey
  8. No coffee, decaffeinated coffee or tea – except herbal teas
  9. No sugar, chocolates or sweets
  10. No artificially produced flavourings

This is the third time I do the detox, from previous experience it works well and I lost a few kg during the detox. Back then I didn’t exercise much, I just did 30 minutes walks 4 times a week. So I’m hoping this time I will lose more weight and toned at the same time since I’m in the gym 5 x a week minimum. with combination of spinning, pilates, body pump, cross trainer and rowing.

Day 1

I started the detox yesterday, I started the day with warm water with lemon juice, it’s a good liver cleanser and followed by vegetable juice, i had carrot, celery and ginger (all organic). Then, I had omelette for breakfast (2 eggs seasoned with pepper and salt). Since I changed my lifestyle, i try to eat less but often, so in a day I usually had 5 small meals every 3 hours. In between breakfast and lunch I had an organic banana. Then I went to spinning class (45 minutes). For lunch I had brown rice and stir fried of pak choy and silken tofu with garlic and a splash of oyster sauce. I know Joshi says no sauces allowed but i think a splash of oyster or soy sauce to taste should be fine. In between Lunch and Dinner I had a few of pumpkin seeds and green tea. Then for dinner I had grilled cod fillets with steamed organic green beans, I found the meal was a bit bland so to satisfy my taste buds I had a teaspoon of low fat natural set yogurt.

Day 2

This morning was an early start, I had 7am spinning class, I love to exercise in the morning but in my gym they only do tuesday morning spinning class. As soon as I got up I had my lemon water remedy then, headed to the gym. It was a hard work but it was worthed. For breakfast. I had sliced organic banana with low fat natural set yogurt and vegetable juice, again I had carrot, celery and ginger (all organic). In between breakfast and lunch I had a few pumpkin seeds with green tea. For lunch I had tuna salad with no dressing. In between Lunch and Dinner I had a few organic carrot sticks and for dinner we cooked homemade roast chicken with roasted parsnips, sweet potatoes and courgette (all organic).

3 Responses

  1. Well done!!

    You can have some sauces, especially if you make them at home and don’t use sugar and MSG. Try naturally fermented Tamari sauce rather that Soya! and also use lots of herbs and seasonings to flavour your food. i like to sprinkle goats cheese into olive oil and lemon dressing for my salads with some chopped olives!

    Let me know how you get on!
    Dr Joshi

  2. This is good mi. Keep taking notes until day 21.. I have never done detox before. I guess I should start soon. Does it have to be organic? It’s hard to get oraganic produced in my local area. Also, isn’t that lemon is acidic? Why it is allowed? Lastly, ur tuna for lunch, was it a canned tuna? So it’s okay eating from canned? What about canned n fresh tomatoes?

  3. According to Dr. Joshi, the alkaline and acidic state of the food is after you digest it. So for example, lemon is acidic, but after you digest it, it becomes alkaline. Organic is preferred because detoxing is eliminating the toxins and chemicals. Non-organic fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. However, if you can’t find organic fruits and vegetables try to buy the freshest option available. try this webiste http://www.buyorganic.com.au/blog/index.php/category/organic-markets/ it has the list of organic markets in Australia. Dr Joshi says tuna should be avoided because it carries a lot of mercury but i just ate it because it’s convenient. Tomatoes are not allowed.

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