Dr. Joshi detox day 3 & 4

Today is the 4th day of the detox program. So far I find it easy. I don’t have any difficulties finding organic produce. I mostly shop at ASDA and Marks and Spencer.

During the first 2 days, I had mild headaches, I’m guessing it’s caused by sugar withdrawal, usually I don’t drink soft drinks, fruit juice or sugary drink anyway but I tend to eat  a lot of fruits like grapes, longan, mango and they’re full of natural sugar.

Day 3

Started with the lemon water remedy. Breakfast was spinach omellette  and vegetable juice, again I had organic carrots, celery and ginger. Morning tea snacks I had a few almonds and organic green tea. Lunch was pak choy with silken tofu served with brown rice. Afternoon snack was 1 organic banana. Then I did pilates at the gym. Dinner I cooked stir fried rice noodles with roast chicken from the night before, bean sprouts, carrots, cabbage, and pak choy. I use extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil only.

Day 4

Lemon water remedy to start the day then I headed to the gym for 45 minutes work out, a combination of cycling, cross trainer and rowing. I also used the steam room today to get all the sweats out and hopefully the toxins out as well and then I indulged myself with body scrub – rice and cherry blossom scrub. For breakfast I had sliced banana with low-fat natural set yogurt and organic vegetable juice (carrots, ginger and celery). Morning tea snack was a few almonds and organic green tea. Lunch was left over rice noodles from the night before. I’m going to have 2 rice cakes for afternoon tea and dinner Ryan is cooking pan-fried salmon with steam organic green beans and anchovy-rosemary sauce (Jamie Oliver’s recipe).

I’ve noticed some differences during the detox. I can see my tummy is flatter and my metabolism is better. I go to the toilet more regular and easier without the help of chilli. I’m guessing it’s the elimination of wheat products and red meat that help the changes.

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