I used to be like Samantha, now I’m more like Charlotte

Sex & the city fever is back! the movie sequel is premiering soon in May and I know most of the women in the world are super excited about it including me.

Two days ago, I made my fiance watched sex & the city  the movie with me, he had not seen it before while I’ve seen it a few times (it’s in my laptop hard drive!), I always try to match myself with one of the character, don’t you all??

I used to be like Samantha, well of course not to that extreme. I used to be selfish in a relationship and put my self first before my partner in every way. Similar to Samantha, I liked to have multiple partners and not dedicate myself to one guy, I didn’t believe in marriage and not wanting children at all. Fashion wise, I liked anything sexy, low cut tops showing cleavage and tight clothes.

sex & the city

Charlotte vs Samantha

Suddenly everything changed in 2008. I met my now fiance in a bar in Melbourne called La La Land. I just broke up from a bad relationship and went out with two girls for a drink. Everything happened so fast, he didn’t mean to pick me up or anything like that, it’s just a coincidence that he sat next to me and we started talking. He’s got this sexy british accent and deep voice. We just clicked right away. Long story short, he asked for my number and we started dating, after 2.5 months we moved in together and the next month after that he proposed. It’s definitely love, and I’d never fallen in love before. I also changed from Samantha to Charlotte. I become less selfish and happily do things for him. I gave up what I was doing at that time in terms of career and education for him and moved to UK with him. I didn’t mind at all. I love him just the way he is, his imperfections which I find very attractive, I would have never tolerated on other men before I met him. I’m happy with just one man in my life now. I grew up and happy just like Charlotte.

J brand, I like

I only have 3 pairs of jeans, when I moved to UK, I left all the ones that old, either they didn’t fit or just looked wrong I don’t really wear jeans much anyway, I like to wear dress and skirt more than jeans. However, English weather does not really support dress and skirt lover like me. So lacking in pants/ jeans department is not really a smart thing. Also, when the fashion industry re-introduce high-rise / high waisted jeans and trousers and ditch the hipster, it’s like heaven for me. Hipster doesn’t do my body a justice really. I always have a tummy no matter how thin I am, and I don’t have the size of bottom required to hold the hipster jeans on its place – hips. I’ve got 3 Nudie Jeans, they’re all skinny 2 low-rise and 1 high-rise. They’re quite comfortable, but one has stretched so much it’s just annoying to wear, it keeps going lower and lower when I walk or sit, so I have to constantly pull it up. So I figured I need a new pair. I went to Liberty to do the Jeans mission and tried on this soft navy J brand, www.jbrandjeans.com/

J Brand Navy Major High Rise

It’s high-rise, very comfortable fit. Very soft material almost like suede, apparently it’s called Japanese twill, the length is perfect, please note I’m only 5′ 2″, it has a zip detail on the ankle, just perfect. I just found a new favourite jeans brand.

Sex & the City 2, oh I can’t wait honestly!!!!

Oh the wait is almost over, Sex & the City 2 will premiere on 27th May! and the most exciting bit is Aidan is back!!! He’s my favourite Carrie’s lover!

London cultural experience

Wednesday 14/10/09, I had a cultural day at London. I took a 12.19 express train with Virgin train, very standard train i prefer the London Midland train, but unfortunately the London Midland takes extra 1/2 hours.

First destination was art culture at National Portraits Gallery http://www.npg.org.uk/ which hosting a gay icons exhibition, it was amazing. 10 famous gay people were chosen and their task is to choose 6 people who inspired them. http://www.npg.org.uk:8080/gayicons/index.htm

Other highlights of the gallery is the Tudor gallery and the current display of Twiggy: a life photograph celebrating the 60th birthday of the actress, which i found very exhilarating, she is a fashion icon famous for her cropped hairstyle in the 60’s and stunning actress.



It’s just amazing that time is worthless when you’re in a museum or gallery, you can spend hours without realising the time and feel restless even though you stand on your feet all day, if you’re enjoying it.

Second destination was fashion culture, I did some research the day before, where to find the cute and vintage shops, well I went to Twenty8Twelve http://www.twenty8twelve.com/ a clothing brand by Savannah Miller, the sister of Sienna Miller. I went to the shop in Newburgh St near Oxford circus, lots of cute shops and cafes on the same streets. While i was walking on Carnaby St, a woman stopped me and offered me to be a haircut model (free cut and colour), ooh i wanted to say yes but since I’m growing my hair I had to refuse 😦 honestly i hate the stated of my hair but it’s all about sacrifice.

After Carnaby St, i went into Liberty my fave department store in London http://www.liberty.co.uk/, it was quite busy since it’s a tourist area (Oxford circus!) i was admiring all the glamour when i entered the Hermes counter. They were having a photo shoot for the shoppers absolutely free! so you got to wear a Hermes scarf styled by a stylist and got your photo taken by a professional photographer and got your chosen photo printed!, so i joined the queue! I got three scarfs knotted and put around my neck, once a lifetime fashion experience! Too bad you didn’t get the scarf to take home! After the photo shoot i realised i had a long day, and my foot started to feel tired, so i went to the cafe and had a Japanese tea with a rich chocolate cake, indulgent!I actually still had a list of shops that i wanted to have a look at but my feet had refused.

Third destination was music culture at the Barbican theatre http://barbican.org.uk/, where i planned to meet my other half Ryan. A bit of drama because he was late, but we only missed a bit of the supporting artist, Taxi Taxi. Kings of convenience played a sold out gig! great venue and great performance! Peaceful and fun at the same time 🙂 We enjoyed it very much.

Well it was a great long day so we went back to the station and the train was delayed 😦 1/2 hour of wait. At the end we were home and snuggled under the blanket and closed our eyes. Goodnight London, thanks for the delightful day.

The September Issue, opening the world of US Vogue

I was so eager to see the September issue, a documentary about the release of September issue of Vogue magazine. In the fashion magazine world, the September issue is the most important issue of the year.

It turned out to be really good… the documentary focus on Anna Wintour, US vogue editor in chief (the real life version of Devil wears Prada Miranda Priestly). Anna Wintour is an icon in fashion industry, respected but also feared by most people in the fashion industry, and although she’s the softer version of Miranda Priestly, she’s cool, firm and tough.

The documentary also shows there’s actually another woman behind the magazine who is as tough and stubborn as Anna Wintour. Grace Coddington is US Vogue’s Creative Director, a former model who is now one of the most famous fashion stylists in the world.

There’s a tension between Anna and Grace showed in the documentary, Anna is the Editor in Chief but it’s Grace who has the real artistic talent. Unlike the Devil wears Prada which focus on the cold hearted Miranda Priestly, September issue focus on the beauty of the fashion industry. The making of a fashion spread is like a making of a painting… clearly Vogue is a form of art.

One of my favourite scenes is when the camera is on Anna’s daughter, who does not want anything to do with vogue and wants to be a lawyer. The paris photo shoot is also amazing.


My current bag lust

Lately I’ve been having a lust for luxury handbags, this season is full of amazing totes, shoulder bags and evening bags. I blame my handbags addiction to my friend Uti who introduced me to the luxurious world of beautiful handbags.

I used to be a shoe girl, i don’t really mind spending $$$ for a pair of shoes as long as I like them and they’re comfortable for my feet. I blame my feet for my shoes addiction. I have small and bony feet and some cheap shoes are just a killer for my feet, is it the hard leather or the craftsmanship i don’t know but they’re not made for my feet at all. I also have a low pain tolerance. If it’s painful and give blisters then i rather not wear them cos the pain for me just not on the foot but it goes up to hips and head. I know some girls can tolerate pain as long they look gorgeous but i’m just not one of them girls.

Well with handbags, there are no excuses like pain or comfort. Why girls spending thousands of $$$ for a handbag? quality, individuality, authenticity, cos no one else have it, show off??? I have no idea, every girl has their own reason. Mine is beauty. The beauty of a design, originality, art… yes I think it’s like art. We all know beauty is subjective and I think my handbags declare my style. You can make a statement by just carrying a handbag (they call it a statement bag). I don’t really care if people like/dislike my handbags or the outfit i’m wearing because it’s  not for people to admire but it’s for myself. A fab handbag makes me feel lux!

Chloe Marlow Tote

Chloe Marlow Tote

I love this bag cos of the shape and the colour, I saw it first in  Selfridges London http://www.selfridges.co.uk/index.cfm?page=1001, also available from http://www.net-a-porter.com/intl/Home.ice the handle is just perfect for the wrist. Definitely on the top of my wish list.

Miu Miu Velvet Bow Clutch

Miu Miu Velvet Bow Clutch

What else can i say, it’s velvet, it has bow, the bag version of the shoes!

Chloe Tassel Detail Bag

Chloe Tassel Detail Bag

The colour combination is just gorgeous and the chain detail is edgy!

Lanvin Happy Mini pop satin bag

Lanvin Happy Mini pop satin bag

Satin! oh and the velvet strap is just amazing, the colour also striking! in Love!

Christmas is in 3 months 😛 hahaha

A handbag or another pair of shoes?? decision decision!

Am i a shoes addict or even becoming a handbags addict? i don’t know. I think my addiction changes every year.

Last year I was a dress and bikini addict, I bought so many pretty dresses and bikinis mainly from my favourite OZ brand Zimmermann http://www.zimmermannwear.com/ now i ended up with so many which so difficult to actually find the time and event to wear them! When you live in Melbourne, the chance of wearing a bikini is 1:175 days.

Well now I have a dilemma, since i got here i realise that all my handbags are quite big and not practical for travelling, so i went on a mission a few weeks ago to find a messenger bag that still look pretty and can be worn casual or glam. I found this LV bag louisvuitton-damier eva-clutchYou can wear it like a postman bag or as a shoulder bag which  what i was looking for. It’s still big enough to fit my purse, mobile etc, and i like the fact that even when you wear it as a postman bag, the gold chain detail that hanging on the side is very pretty.

I love pretty shoes!!! i think that’s explain how i have a weakness for pretty shoes.

I saw this pair of Miu Miu banana flats in Navy in Miu Miu store in Westfield London (Nice shopping mall!, http://uk.westfield.com/london/ .. worth a visit), but they dont have my size. It’s so pretty it made me feel so happy by just looking at it and the velvet is just so soft. This morning I checked it in Net-a-porter, http://www.net-a-porter.com/ and they have size 36! ooooh the checkout tab was just on the tip of my finger but i had to discuss it first with my lovely fianceé because i have promised myself that our relationship is based on honesty [no more hiding shopping bags in the car for days and sneaked them to the bedroom or saying that it’s a present from my good friend (…) hahaha]. First answer was a NO cos apparently i already have so many (and also i just bought 3 pairs in the last 2 months, well 2 pairs were on sale! i mean when else you could get a costume national boots reduced from AUD1200 to AUD400?!!). After a discussion, yess i called it a discussion he might call it sulking, he said you could buy the shoes but you won’t buy anymore for a long time err long time can be relative right?? anyway, i asked bravely can i still buy the LV bag?? (finger crossed) and yaay it’s a yes but i have to chose! aaagh i never win with him but that’s why i love him so much :-), so buy the shoes now and the handbag later (no specific time) can be 2-3 months or even a month who knows, or ditch the shoes and get the handbag now? Help!!!

Miu Miu Velvet