Camden Market, A colourful part of London

I like markets, but not just any market. For example, I don’t like fish market or vietnamese market. Camden market is one of the many that I like. There are several markets in London, but I’ve only been to Camden so far. It’s so colourful, full of tourists, have variety of stalls from old vintage shop to hard core heavy metal shop. The food stalls are also great lots of varieties.

Camden Market

Inside the Market

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J brand, I like

I only have 3 pairs of jeans, when I moved to UK, I left all the ones that old, either they didn’t fit or just looked wrong I don’t really wear jeans much anyway, I like to wear dress and skirt more than jeans. However, English weather does not really support dress and skirt lover like me. So lacking in pants/ jeans department is not really a smart thing. Also, when the fashion industry re-introduce high-rise / high waisted jeans and trousers and ditch the hipster, it’s like heaven for me. Hipster doesn’t do my body a justice really. I always have a tummy no matter how thin I am, and I don’t have the size of bottom required to hold the hipster jeans on its place – hips. I’ve got 3 Nudie Jeans, they’re all skinny 2 low-rise and 1 high-rise. They’re quite comfortable, but one has stretched so much it’s just annoying to wear, it keeps going lower and lower when I walk or sit, so I have to constantly pull it up. So I figured I need a new pair. I went to Liberty to do the Jeans mission and tried on this soft navy J brand,

J Brand Navy Major High Rise

It’s high-rise, very comfortable fit. Very soft material almost like suede, apparently it’s called Japanese twill, the length is perfect, please note I’m only 5′ 2″, it has a zip detail on the ankle, just perfect. I just found a new favourite jeans brand.

How we spent a sunday in a cold weather… suitcase hunt

Yesterday we went to London to look for a suitcase. I’m going abroad on Sunday to Jakarta, Indonesia to visit my grandma. Before yesterday, I’ve been eying on Mandarina Duck Suitcases. I took Ryan to check them out. Ryan thought, the duck was not good in terms of functionality.  I gave up so i let him choose. I always look for design and colour first, then functionality. Well Ryan is the opposite, he looks for functionality first so he started to weigh every suitcase, open it, check it… it took hours. After checking 3 department stores, Selfridges, Debenhams and House of Frasier, we found the perfect one at Selfridges. It claims to be the lightest and strongest with patent technology. It’s a huge 85cm suitcase by Samsonite and admittedly very light as it’s claimed to be. The material is made with “Curv®” technology It’s not cheap but Ryan said it’s worthed since it has 10 years international warranty. By the time we bought the suitcase I was so tired and needed a glass of wine. We were at Selfridges so we went to the champagne bar and I tried a delicious Green Apple Bellini. It was a great drink to end the day. Well, I’m not going to look for a suitcase for a while now, it’s just so exhausting.

What I like about living in England…

Time travels fast. I said this because i just realise I’ve been living in England for 5 months now! I was very excited about moving to England from Melbourne, Australia. I had lived in Melbourne for 9 years and I just needed a new environment. So a new country would be good.

Well since I moved here, I’m a bit disappointed. I found England a bit depressing. Maybe it’s the weather, i’m not really sure. Most of the time, it rains here and not just a drizzle of water, but heavy rain, where you can get really wet. I hate to get wet. Surely it’s the food. I found it very tasteless here. Any cuisine i have tried here is lacking of flavours that make your tongue dance! I also like to dine out, but eating out is very expensive here. I found England to be dirty, especially in London. Off course there are a few nice cities like bath.

The thing that I like about living here is the live gigs. It’s cheap to see your fave artists live and the chance is greater too. Since I’ve been here. I saw Radiohead, Mew, Muse, The Yeah Yeah Yeah, Deerhunter, Phoenix, … and many more. The art culture is also great here, there are a lot of options for exhibitions, theatre, and dance.

It’s also convenient. It’s cheap to fly to Europe. We’ve been to Paris and next week we’re going to Bruges in Belgium (yummy chocolates and beer!!). And we’re thinking of Florence, Italy next. It’s such a short flight just to go to a different country. I love Paris and I think I will love most of the European countries. They have a totally different vibe from England.

Shopping also great here. More options and also cheaper. However, I’m a shopaholic and it’s not so good for our bank, especially while i’m still jobless.

I miss Melbourne so much and I still think Melbourne as my fave livable city in the world. However, I’m making the most of it while I’m here. But, honestly, I will not choose to live here for a long-term.

A handbag or another pair of shoes?? decision decision!

Am i a shoes addict or even becoming a handbags addict? i don’t know. I think my addiction changes every year.

Last year I was a dress and bikini addict, I bought so many pretty dresses and bikinis mainly from my favourite OZ brand Zimmermann now i ended up with so many which so difficult to actually find the time and event to wear them! When you live in Melbourne, the chance of wearing a bikini is 1:175 days.

Well now I have a dilemma, since i got here i realise that all my handbags are quite big and not practical for travelling, so i went on a mission a few weeks ago to find a messenger bag that still look pretty and can be worn casual or glam. I found this LV bag louisvuitton-damier eva-clutchYou can wear it like a postman bag or as a shoulder bag which  what i was looking for. It’s still big enough to fit my purse, mobile etc, and i like the fact that even when you wear it as a postman bag, the gold chain detail that hanging on the side is very pretty.

I love pretty shoes!!! i think that’s explain how i have a weakness for pretty shoes.

I saw this pair of Miu Miu banana flats in Navy in Miu Miu store in Westfield London (Nice shopping mall!, .. worth a visit), but they dont have my size. It’s so pretty it made me feel so happy by just looking at it and the velvet is just so soft. This morning I checked it in Net-a-porter, and they have size 36! ooooh the checkout tab was just on the tip of my finger but i had to discuss it first with my lovely fianceé because i have promised myself that our relationship is based on honesty [no more hiding shopping bags in the car for days and sneaked them to the bedroom or saying that it’s a present from my good friend (…) hahaha]. First answer was a NO cos apparently i already have so many (and also i just bought 3 pairs in the last 2 months, well 2 pairs were on sale! i mean when else you could get a costume national boots reduced from AUD1200 to AUD400?!!). After a discussion, yess i called it a discussion he might call it sulking, he said you could buy the shoes but you won’t buy anymore for a long time err long time can be relative right?? anyway, i asked bravely can i still buy the LV bag?? (finger crossed) and yaay it’s a yes but i have to chose! aaagh i never win with him but that’s why i love him so much :-), so buy the shoes now and the handbag later (no specific time) can be 2-3 months or even a month who knows, or ditch the shoes and get the handbag now? Help!!!

Miu Miu Velvet