What I like about living in England…

Time travels fast. I said this because i just realise I’ve been living in England for 5 months now! I was very excited about moving to England from Melbourne, Australia. I had lived in Melbourne for 9 years and I just needed a new environment. So a new country would be good.

Well since I moved here, I’m a bit disappointed. I found England a bit depressing. Maybe it’s the weather, i’m not really sure. Most of the time, it rains here and not just a drizzle of water, but heavy rain, where you can get really wet. I hate to get wet. Surely it’s the food. I found it very tasteless here. Any cuisine i have tried here is lacking of flavours that make your tongue dance! I also like to dine out, but eating out is very expensive here. I found England to be dirty, especially in London. Off course there are a few nice cities like bath.

The thing that I like about living here is the live gigs. It’s cheap to see your fave artists live and the chance is greater too. Since I’ve been here. I saw Radiohead, Mew, Muse, The Yeah Yeah Yeah, Deerhunter, Phoenix, … and many more. The art culture is also great here, there are a lot of options for exhibitions, theatre, and dance.

It’s also convenient. It’s cheap to fly to Europe. We’ve been to Paris and next week we’re going to Bruges in Belgium (yummy chocolates and beer!!). And we’re thinking of Florence, Italy next. It’s such a short flight just to go to a different country. I love Paris and I think I will love most of the European countries. They have a totally different vibe from England.

Shopping also great here. More options and also cheaper. However, I’m a shopaholic and it’s not so good for our bank, especially while i’m still jobless.

I miss Melbourne so much and I still think Melbourne as my fave livable city in the world. However, I’m making the most of it while I’m here. But, honestly, I will not choose to live here for a long-term.