I hate to admit that BlackBerry makes my life easier

9700 Bold

9700 Bold

If you’re Indonesian, most probably you would have a BlackBerry. I don’t know who started the BlackBerry trend in Indonesia, but he/she did a good job. Most of my Indonesian friends got one and at first I really did not want to get one and became the same like everybody else, it’s just like the iPhone in UK and OZ, it’s a trend. I’m one girl who did not like to follow the trend, if i can I create my own. But at the end, BlackBerry got me. Yes, I gave myself in to the world of BlackBerry.

The first day I had it, I complained. I was still in denial mode that I actually became one of many that gave in to trend and technology.

After a week, I couldn’t part with my BlackBerry. I ‘ve got what people called the BlackBerry Syndrome. You can’t be apart from it. It’s sick. But it makes my life easier. I can chat with most of my friends for free through BlackBerry messenger wherever they are. I’ve got my email delivered to me without me have to check it. And the most important is, I can check my Twitter anywhere, upload pictures to twitter, mention and retweet. I have to admit I love my BlackBerry!