I ♥ my macbook

My Apple Mac Book is a part of me.

I bought it with my own money in may 2007. A thought that I always spent my money on clothing, shoes, bags, alcohol, music gigs but never invested on a gadget was bothering me.

I fell in love with Apple when I worked at Flavour Makers in 2006. Prior to that I was a Windows user. Since I started using Apple at work I started to like Apple more and more compared to Windows.

In may 2007, I bought a 13-inch Mac Book with a student discount and tax free. A very good deal.

My Apple Mac book has always been good to me, never caused any problem never hang never crashed never got virus. It has a lot of great memory. Tigger and my late Snowy used to sit on it all the time.

It is also the first computer that I don’t have to share with anyone else. It’s mine.

The disadvantage of Apple is that it’s a bit expensive for maintenance, i.e for upgrades. Unlike Windows, you can hardly find any pirates software, well at least for me who’s not an IT super geek.

So when I saw all the new Mac Book released I was devastated and this year before I moved to UK, I almost bought one. Well maybe because Ryan bought a Mac Book Pro and I was jealous. I’m glad I didn’t buy one. The good thing to have an IT geek as your fiancé is he knows a lot about computer. So last month he re-booted and upgraded my Mac Book to Snow Leopard (before it was a tiger) for free and it’s like new again! It’s fresh and tidy. Don’t ask me how he did it.

Once you turn to Apple, you would never go back.