Brain, go to sleep! Does Wii stimulate your brain?

I’ve been awake since 3.30am, feeling fresh and i could not get back to sleep! What’s going on with my brain?? why did it send a deceptive message to my body to wake up?

It happened twice this week, but the first time i managed to get back to sleep after 1 hour. Other days I also woke up early like 6 am but not as early as 3.30am!

I tried to think what have changed to my lifestyle this week and the only thing I could think of is exercise. Yes, I have started exercising this week as it’s one of my new year resolution to have a super hot body by summer and at our wedding next year. Ryan has supported me by getting me a Wii Fit Plus for Christmas.

I’m a lady of excuses when it comes to exercise. Oh, it’s too cold, ooh it’s raining, Oh, i just wash my hair yesterday. Well, when you live in England, the weather does not really support any outdoor activities. So Ryan bought the Wii for me.

I enjoy the Wii very much, and I’ve been good and use it without any excuses. The games and exercises are fun So maybe it stimulates my brain. is this why my brain keep wanting to get up at early morning? I have lots of energy now, my brain keep waking me up at odd hours? I’m not much a sleeper to start with. Usually, I only need 6-7 hours sleep, more than that, i would be grumpy.

The bad side of this new habit is I keep waking Ryan up. He’s a light sleeper and get easily awake but the slightest sound or light. So to make it up to him, I baked him a delicious banana bread for breakfast and serve it with his favourite Matcha Latte.