I used to be like Samantha, now I’m more like Charlotte

Sex & the city fever is back! the movie sequel is premiering soon in May and I know most of the women in the world are super excited about it including me.

Two days ago, I made my fiance watched sex & the city  the movie with me, he had not seen it before while I’ve seen it a few times (it’s in my laptop hard drive!), I always try to match myself with one of the character, don’t you all??

I used to be like Samantha, well of course not to that extreme. I used to be selfish in a relationship and put my self first before my partner in every way. Similar to Samantha, I liked to have multiple partners and not dedicate myself to one guy, I didn’t believe in marriage and not wanting children at all. Fashion wise, I liked anything sexy, low cut tops showing cleavage and tight clothes.

sex & the city

Charlotte vs Samantha

Suddenly everything changed in 2008. I met my now fiance in a bar in Melbourne called La La Land. I just broke up from a bad relationship and went out with two girls for a drink. Everything happened so fast, he didn’t mean to pick me up or anything like that, it’s just a coincidence that he sat next to me and we started talking. He’s got this sexy british accent and deep voice. We just clicked right away. Long story short, he asked for my number and we started dating, after 2.5 months we moved in together and the next month after that he proposed. It’s definitely love, and I’d never fallen in love before. I also changed from Samantha to Charlotte. I become less selfish and happily do things for him. I gave up what I was doing at that time in terms of career and education for him and moved to UK with him. I didn’t mind at all. I love him just the way he is, his imperfections which I find very attractive, I would have never tolerated on other men before I met him. I’m happy with just one man in my life now. I grew up and happy just like Charlotte.


2 weekends away from Paris..

I’m in love with Paris, although I never been there yet.

I started dreaming about Paris since I met Ryan and fell in love with him. Prior to that, i never thought about Paris that much. Now i know, I want to experience Paris with the person I truly love, my first love and that’s him.

Before I met him, I wasn’t sure if I had fallen in love. When I met a guy and being head over heels, i thought I was in love but when I broke up with the guy, i questioned myself, Was it love or was it just convenience?

I was always in a relationship since my teenage years or since my puberty started and when you’re always in a relationship you always ask yourself, do I really love this guy or do I just need him or use him?

So when I met Ryan and fell for him, i questioned myself, was this love or was it just the same triangle again? but it was different, I never felt anything like that before, I like the things that I hated before, that was a sign! it was strange but it was certain. It was love.

I’m committed to him like I was never committed before. Then, I started to dream about Paris, me & him in Paris in love just us. People always told me good story about Paris, never bad ones. It makes me more eager to go and impatient.

The funny thing is Ryan never been to Paris before and He’s British! He lives in England for 25 years but he never set his foot in Paris.

It’s meant to be. It’s going to be our first time in Paris. We’ve got tickets we’ve booked the hotel and we’re going in two weeks.

I can’t wait.