A handbag or another pair of shoes?? decision decision!

Am i a shoes addict or even becoming a handbags addict? i don’t know. I think my addiction changes every year.

Last year I was a dress and bikini addict, I bought so many pretty dresses and bikinis mainly from my favourite OZ brand Zimmermann http://www.zimmermannwear.com/ now i ended up with so many which so difficult to actually find the time and event to wear them! When you live in Melbourne, the chance of wearing a bikini is 1:175 days.

Well now I have a dilemma, since i got here i realise that all my handbags are quite big and not practical for travelling, so i went on a mission a few weeks ago to find a messenger bag that still look pretty and can be worn casual or glam. I found this LV bag louisvuitton-damier eva-clutchYou can wear it like a postman bag or as a shoulder bag which  what i was looking for. It’s still big enough to fit my purse, mobile etc, and i like the fact that even when you wear it as a postman bag, the gold chain detail that hanging on the side is very pretty.

I love pretty shoes!!! i think that’s explain how i have a weakness for pretty shoes.

I saw this pair of Miu Miu banana flats in Navy in Miu Miu store in Westfield London (Nice shopping mall!, http://uk.westfield.com/london/ .. worth a visit), but they dont have my size. It’s so pretty it made me feel so happy by just looking at it and the velvet is just so soft. This morning I checked it in Net-a-porter, http://www.net-a-porter.com/ and they have size 36! ooooh the checkout tab was just on the tip of my finger but i had to discuss it first with my lovely fianceé because i have promised myself that our relationship is based on honesty [no more hiding shopping bags in the car for days and sneaked them to the bedroom or saying that it’s a present from my good friend (…) hahaha]. First answer was a NO cos apparently i already have so many (and also i just bought 3 pairs in the last 2 months, well 2 pairs were on sale! i mean when else you could get a costume national boots reduced from AUD1200 to AUD400?!!). After a discussion, yess i called it a discussion he might call it sulking, he said you could buy the shoes but you won’t buy anymore for a long time err long time can be relative right?? anyway, i asked bravely can i still buy the LV bag?? (finger crossed) and yaay it’s a yes but i have to chose! aaagh i never win with him but that’s why i love him so much :-), so buy the shoes now and the handbag later (no specific time) can be 2-3 months or even a month who knows, or ditch the shoes and get the handbag now? Help!!!

Miu Miu Velvet